About Kristianne

Over the past 10 years, my love of fashion has allowed me to experience almost every facet of the fashion industry: I’ve interned with a fashion designer witnessing every step of the design process, written style and fashion blogs for web publications including Arizona Foothills Magazine, Intern Queen, and Angelic Magazine, and even interviewed names like Ken Downing, Ruben Singer, and Lauren Conrad! Utilizing my knowledge of the industry, I’ve also worked as a Digital Media Coordinator to create social media content for beauty, fashion, and luxury jewelry brands.

As a stylist, I ​have had the pleasure to work with brands, business owners, models, designers, and talented artists to create beautiful photos as well as style and coordinate fashion shows. 

Fashion Editorial: XIOX Magazine, Promo Magazine, Angelic Magazine, Arizona Foothills Magazine (assistant), Arizona Bride (assistant)

Commercial Assistant: DMB, Addition Elle, ROI, Black Starr & Frost

Fashion Shows: Jesus Music Fashion The Event, Face of Foothills Neiman Marcus Fashion Show, Fashion For A New Life, Fashion: Hope and Soul, Fashion For A New Life 2, Fashion For A New Life 3

Photographers: Emily Wilson, Daniel Lehenbaur,                                                  –Photographers (stylist assistant): Matthew Priestley, John-Claude Lussier,  Werner Segarra, Mark Sacro,

Stylists: Diane Aiello, Randy Smith